Saturday, 25 August 2012

Jed's Quest - Third in the Jeddon Series

Jed finds out he has an identical twin brother who was stolen at birth and never found. Is this the boy who has faded in and out of his mind for all these years? The one who is deep trouble? Now he has his Fifth Bloc of Knowledge, Jed may be able to find Jai through mental telepathy - if he still lives. But what if Jai does not want to be found?

Jed's Return - Second in the Jeddon Series

Feeling that his father, King Ankzar of Jeddon might still be alive, Jed risks returning to Jeddon to find out for sure – and challenge Vexson for the right to rule if he is not. But everything seems to go wrong. Jed crashes his transmod on the dark side of Jeddon, is badly wounded by Vexson, adopted by a wild borjon and eventually found and taken to healers by Zarine and Darien. He now knows his father is alive, but in desperate straits. Can Jed depose Vexson and find his father before it is too late?  

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Jed's Escape - First in theJeddon Series

 Prince Jed of the small planet Jeddon flees from his Uncle Vexson’s coup and assassination attempts. Betrayed at every turn, Jed vows revenge over his mentor’s fresh grave. He must fight back and snatch the Badge of Ruling from his uncle.  Yet the only way he and his friend can survive is to flee from their home planet on an illegal star-ship hidden in a secret valley. But first he must rescue his sister. Will the star-ship still be there when he returns?