Thursday, 27 September 2012

How to Get Free Books

Sure we all know you can get free books from the library, but this post is not about that. Many people find it difficult to get to their local library anyhow. And then they have to take the books back again. So how else can you get free books? It's super simple - all you need is a computer.

Simply go to and download their FREE Kindle App. for your type of computer. Then you can simply click on the link on the top right of the app and it will take you straight to Type "free ebooks" into the search bar there and you will soon have so many books to choose from you  won't know what to do with them. Once you choose which ones to download look for the download link on the right of the screen, click on it and the book will go straight to your kindle app. Open it up and get reading!

You do have to set up an account with first, but that is free. When you see a free book, you still have to go through the process of 'buying' it. But the amount will be $0.00. You will then get an email from thanking you for your purchase of $0.00 - lol.

This is a good way to keep the kids happy over the holidays. Get 'em reading fun stuff! They won't even realise that their reading skills are improving.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How to get Your Child Reading

How well does your child read? The only way anyone can become a good reader is to practice reading. If your child cannot read well, they stand to get poor grades in high school or college. This will severely impact their ability to get the kind of career they want. In fact, almost every job requires you to read to some extent.

So if your child does not show much inclination to read, how can you encourage them?
  • Firstly find out what they like and buy or borrow books on the topic for them to read.
  • Join the local library and take them there regularly. show them how ot choose a book.
  • Buy them books for Christmas and birthdays. 
  • Even comics can help a reluctant reader get going.
  • Let them know how important it is to become a good reader.
  • Get them tutoring if they are very poor readers.
  • Buy them the latest e-book reader to download free and low-cost books to.
  • Buy books they like that are part of a series because then they will want to get all the rest and so have even more practice in reading.
While ebook readers may seem expensive, you will soon recover the cost because ebooks are so much cheaper than hard copy books. However you can get a free kindle app for the computer and download books onto that.

So what does your child like to read? They might like an adventure story for boys set on another planet, or a book for girls with a feisty heroine who is determined to get what she wants. Take the first step in getting your child to read well.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Why Parents should Encourage Their Kids to Read

Some parents don't ever think to encourage their children to read. This is a big mistake because reading skills are so necessary in this world. Your kids won't be able to hold down a good job unless they can read well. They stand to get scammed by anyone if they cannot read properly.

Learning to read well starts in primary school and the best way to get them reading is to offer them reading material that excites or interests them. Some kids like how to books that teach them about a sport or a hobby. Others like the world of fiction. Many like to read about a character that they can empathize with. They virtually become that character while they are reading.

Certainly, they do this when watching television and dvds, but those forms of media do not help them practice their reading skills. They can do this best by reading books. Many boys like adventure books such as Jed's Escape and the others in the series. Remember that when your kids are reading they are not wasting time, but developing skills that will make their life better when they grow up.

Till next time dudes


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Jed's Rescue - Sixth in the Jeddon Series

When Jai flies to the planet Rarnj with Lawler to help rescue Reidjar, heir to the Oban throne he does not expect it to push his planet to the brink of war. But Jed, posing as King of Jeddon to cover Jai’s absence, learns that his brother has fallen into the clutches of his mortal enemies. He insists on taking the ransom to the planet Rarnj in person, even though he knows it is a trap. Can he free Jai and get them both home to Jeddon before the war he declared on Rarnj begins?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Jed's Dilemma - Fifth in the Jeddon Series

Jed knows he is a seer, but he must still undergo tests to prove his mental power. However, the greatest challenge of his life lies ahead. With his father Ankzar, King of Jeddon recently dead and Jai, the rightful heir to the throne of Jeddon gone missing, the elders offer Jed the Badge of Ruling. Should Jed become King to save his beloved planet from chaos? But where is Jai, and why is Jyari their sister missing too? Jed risks his life in an attempt to find out, but the peril is greater than he thought.

Get Jed's Dilemma Here!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Jed's Trial - Fourth in the Jeddon Series


Jai saves Jed’s life after a transmod crash, so Jed is dismayed to find his twin still cannot trust him fully. Even though with Jai’s return Jed will no longer inherit the right to rule Jeddon he is happy to step aside for his brother. Jai is the eldest twin and the right to rule will one day be his. But knowing that trust must be established before they truly can be brothers, Jed forms a daring plan to make Jai trust him. But it goes terribly wrong; Jai is badly injured and Jed finds himself on trial for attempted murder.