Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My New Color Scheme

Hey Everyone,

I had a couple of comments that it was hard to read the white text on black background, so I changed it to red.

Who likes it like this? acomment to let me know.

I kinda like it myself.

Thanks for kicking my butt to change it!



PS: Just seeing how the new cover of Jed's Escape looks on a red background.

PPS: If you didn't get it yet, it's a good read for only 99 cents. You couldn't buy a new print book for that.
  • Click on the link to buy it.
  • Download Kindle for ebooks from Amazon for free to read it.
  • Love free stuff.
  • Get it for your kids computer. 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Grow Great Palms

Many people love to have palm trees in the garden. Their graceful swaying branches are reminiscent of exotic beach locations, holidays, sun and surf. They also provide the ideal dappled shade for other shrubs such as camellias that don't like too much sun.

Now is a great time to find out how to grow great palms. This ebook tells you everything you need to know about growing palm trees.

Go Here to check it out.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Get More Traffic

Hey Dudes,

If you have a website of any kind, but especially if it is one from which you hope to sell something, then traffic is essential. In fact, without traffic you may as well pack up and go home. There are many ways to get free traffic; some are good and some not so good, depending on the type of website you have and what your product is.

One way to get traffic that I have found to be quick, easy to do and even gives you valuable feedback on your website is a traffic exchange called Traffic Dial.

  • It's free
  • It's easy
  • It's quick
  • You get feedback from other users
  • You get more traffic
  • More traffic = more sales
  • What's not to like?
Catch ya later dudes - might even be me feedbacking your website!


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Save Money

Hey Dudes,

Nearly everyone wants to save money, but that is often difficult in a consumer society that is always promoting the latest must have thing.

You can learn how to save money simply and easily from this ebook on Amazon. It contains many great tips and tricks to save money and make what you have go further.

Resist the marketing hype and keep your money in your pocket when it counts. It could mean the difference between losing your home and keeping it.

What I liked about this ebook is that you can have your own money saving tips added in an updated version by emailing the author.

$2.99 Buy Now

How NOT to Write

Hi Dudes,

Occasionally I edit articles - when I can stop laughing long enough. Here are some of the funnier article examples I have come across.

  • It is wise to start by making a list. This systematic way does not allow mess to be created at the nick of time.
  • these small details can only be observed when they are looked at in great detail and with no rush of time on your back.
  • Every member of the family should involve in planning the entire it in a ready. 
  • One should also select a stout according to the fuel it uses to burn.  
  • Backpacking with kids is a fun really activity 
  • Many websites provide a detailed description of the important factors that for renounce should adhere to in a particular country.
  • If a gardener wants to grow Muscatine grapes then he should plant them in full sun and give them water frequently forgetting the best fallouts.
  • Nowadays, everyone with the exception of his/her class is using vine.
  • The race a good amount of threat involved in planting grapevine in cooler regions.
  • Ranting the crop during the winter season gives a good yield in the end. Pruning the harvest after the growth removes unwanted needs and dead wood developed on the plant.
  • Such a bicycle offers constant pedaling per as long as a rider can bicycle it.
catch ya later Dudes


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Compare Three Jed's Escape Ebook Covers

Hey Dudes, here are my two covers for Jed's Escape. The one with no figure is the original that I am using now.  The one with the boy sliding off the cliff is the new cover - not that I've put it up on Amazon yet.

I'd really appreciate your input as to which you like best and why.

I don't use this cover now

This is the current cover
Note I changed the title

This is the original cover
I don't use it now since I
changed the title

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to get a Great Ebook Cover

Hi Dudes,

The upsurge of ebook publishing on Amazon and other places means that there is a great need for ebook covers. Not all writers know how to create their own ebook cover design, and so they pay often big bucks for someone else to design and create it for them. It is not hard to learn to do your own ebook cover design and make a good job of it. You can do this in an ebook cover software program or with power point.

The only trouble with getting someone else to do your ecover design is no matter what you pay you may not like the finished results. If you have a picture in your imagination that you would like for your cover design it is hard for the ebook cover creator to get it the way you want just from your description.

If the ecover picture is to be of a person, you could try finding one that fits the bill and then ask your ecover illustrator to copy it as closely as possible. Make sure you see a portfolio of their work so that you see what their talents are. Some can draw great backgrounds or design with abstract art, but when it comes to an action figure the result is lifeless and sticklike.

The main thing you need to do when designing your own ecover is to find a picture and place text over the top of it. This is easy to do in power point. Or you could have a smaller picture with your title and name above or below (or both) in colored strips, like the ebook cover on the left. This is ideal if the graphics you like best only seem to look good in landscape rather than portrait which is the best shape for an ebook cover.

Where can you get the cover graphics from? One you took yourself with a digital camera might be suitable. Or you could go to a digital photo site such as fotolia.com and buy cheap photos. Or you might be able to use clip art. Make sure the rights to all photos that you buy include using it for ebook covers.

It is also important to use an appropriate image - a photo or picture and appropriate colors for the topic of your ebook. A mystery or murder story should not be done in bright yellow and red. Unless the red is blood, of course! A romantic comedy should not have dark or dingy colors on it.

If you create your own ebook cover in power point or any other software, you can fiddle with it as much as you like until you are satisfied. If you pay another person to do it, you have to use it whether you like it or not, or you will have wasted your money.

When using PowerPoint, you will need to save your finished ecover creation in jpg format. To do this, click on the picture to make sure that the corners and sides are marked and then click on save and choose the jpeg interchange format from the dropdown menu. With practice you can make some really stunning covers.

You can also go online and find ebook cover templates to use for a professional book cover look. Many websites offer pre-designed templates that you need only place your book title and author name on. Of course, you do run the risk of other authors choosing the same template picture for their book.

The main thing to remember is that you can actually create your own professional ebook cover design with just a gentle learning curve. Better still, you can change it to another cover after a few months if your ebook sales don't seem to be as good as you expected. Changing the cover is one of the many book promotion tips experts offer. It costs nothing to make your own killercovers and you can have lots of fun doing it.

This ecover design was done by a person on Fiver for a reasonable cost. You can tell by the background that it is a sci-fi genre and that the protagonist gets into some dangerous situations. These are good selling points for your ebook. However, the figure does look a bit plastic and the gray part of the background seems rather bland. It was supposed to look forested which means it should have been a dark green.

If you decide to find a professional ebook illustrator and designer you have to be really specific about every element of the cover design. Tell them how you want the figure to look, what colors to use for each section and so on. Otherwise the resulting cover will not be satisfactory. You will also need to specify the finished size in pixels so it will be suitable for Amazon or wherever you intend to upload your ebook. The size requirements specifications are usually found on the websites. To save time and costs, you can just have them illustrate a picture and then add your own text using powerpoint. That way you can play with the effects and placing to see where it looks best.

It's all good fun, dudes.

Till next time,


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How do You Handle Criticism?

It happens to all of us, someone says something critical and we feel hurt. But as an author, how do you handle criticism? Perhaps it depends on what kind of criticism it is. Constructive criticism that has your best interests at heart can be used to improve your writing.

But when friends or family deliberately mock or pour scorn on your writing for no apparent reason, you have to do something about it, otherwise you may end up crawling under the bed and staying there. Or worse still, giving up your writing.

Don't let people who know nothing about writing tell you your latest writing effort is no good. Some writers would simply tell them where to go in no uncertain terms, but others may cringe and feel upset for days. Some authors become so upset that they give up writing. If you are the kind of person who cannot handle confrontation there are things you can do to prevent the hurt of family scorn.

For a start, make sure your family do not see your work, even if this means rearranging the computer desk so that they cannot look over your shoulder. If they do see and criticize, ask yourself if they are just jealous of the time you spend in writing. Family do have  a right to your time and attention, so make sure your life is balanced to include them. Don't let them feel that they have to compete with your writing for attention.

But don't give them all your time - unless, of course they are babies who need lots of time and attention. You do have a right to some time of your own.

It certainly helps if you can develop a thick skin with regard to negative criticism - after all, if you are writing a book you may get lots of rejections from publishers and that too, will hurt until you learn that it is not meant personally.

Even if you are a person who dreads confrontation, you can practice - while you are alone - saying something quite calmly to the person who criticizes you. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do you work hard to be so negative or does it come naturally?
  • What were your grades in English again?
  • Would you know whether it was good or bad?
  • Are you having a bad day, or just trying to make me have one?
  • Thank you for being so negative.
  • Practice saying something good, you will enjoy life more.
  • Did you take your liver pills this morning?
  • Go jump in the lake darling.
  • If you have nothing better to do, perhaps you could wash up/do the laundry/whatever it is that needs doing.
If you can think of any more good responses, write them in the comments box below. ( no swearing, ok?)

till later dudes,


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How do You Create the Titles for Your Books?

Hey Dudes,

I read lots of books and ebooks as well as writing my own and I know lots of others do too. So how do you go about creating an interesting title for your book?

Most authors know that the title is the vital first step in enticing a reader to open up the page and ultimately buy the book. This means that a title should be not only interesting, but it should really leap off the cover and make the reader wonder what the book is about.

One famous author has a title; "The Monkey's Raincoat". This is so intriguing that you nearly want to buy the book before reading the back cover blurb.

Dick Francis goes for really short and punchy titles, while other authors have had success with really long titles.

Often, the title can come from some pertinent part of the book. It can give a hint about what kind of book it is - e.g. a romance or a thriller. If it is done right it will draw the reader in; if not, they will walk on by and leave your book on the shelf.

So how do you choose your titles? And what is your favorite author's best title?

Let me know in the comments box.

till later dudes


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Love Gardening - Bad Back?

Hi Dudes,

What happens when you love gardening but can't dig because you have a really bad back?

You learn to garden the no-dig way!

Find out how to create a gorgeous garden without having to use a spade with this great new ebook Garden without Digging

till later dudes,


Monday, 14 January 2013

Choosing a Book Title

Hi Dudes,

Ever notice how there are book titles that intrigue and book titles that bore? How do you choose your book title? Some authors take the title of their book from a sentence in the book. This can be really effective especially if you choose something that is unusual. In fact, with a little bit of thought you can actually get an intriguing title. However, it must be appropriate.

One mystery writer choose The Monkeys Raincoat as a title and this is certainly the kind of title that would catch the attention of anyone looking for a good book.

So should your title be short or long? Both can be used to good effect.

Dick Francis must be the master of short titles, but some longer titles are quite amusing especially for children's books. There's a Hippopotamus on My Roof Eating Cake is just one example.

So how do you choose your titles?

And what's your fav title, dudes?

Write it in the comments box.

till later dudes,


Thursday, 10 January 2013


Start the New Year off on the right foot by reading some exciting tales of distant planets.


Prince Jed of the small planet Jeddon flees from his Uncle Vexson’s coup and assassination attempts. Betrayed at every turn, Jed vows revenge over his mentor’s fresh grave. He must fight back and snatch the Badge of Ruling from his uncle.  
Yet the only way he and his friend can survive is to flee from their home planet on an illegal star-ship hidden in a secret valley. But first he must rescue his sister. Will the star-ship still be there when he returns?

Health Problems for Writers

Hi Dudes,

Writers are prone to certain health problems that may not be experienced by the majority of people. They spend long hours at the computer and usually during the daytime, so they do not get out in the sun much. This can easily lead to a Vitamin D deficiency that can cause ugly symptoms such as joint aches, bladder problems and depression.

In addition, they can suffer from RSI in the fingers and wrists and problems of poor posture, if they don't see to it that they are sitting properly. Some of these problems can be alleviated by getting ergonomic chairs and keyboards, but the chairs are only good if you take the trouble to put them at the right height to the desk. I find a cushion with a cut-out at the back is great to help prevent tailbone soreness.

Eyestrain is another likely irritation for writers. Anyone who spends long hours staring at screen or blank page will eventually suffer eyestrain and possibly need glasses. It is wise to spend five minutes in every hour to look out the window at something in the distance just to keep those eye muscles from atrophy. 

So writers beware! Create balance in your life and get your Vit. D levels checked to maintain your health. It is more pleasant to stay healthy than to try and get your health back after too long without doing the right things.

till later dudes