Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How do You Create the Titles for Your Books?

Hey Dudes,

I read lots of books and ebooks as well as writing my own and I know lots of others do too. So how do you go about creating an interesting title for your book?

Most authors know that the title is the vital first step in enticing a reader to open up the page and ultimately buy the book. This means that a title should be not only interesting, but it should really leap off the cover and make the reader wonder what the book is about.

One famous author has a title; "The Monkey's Raincoat". This is so intriguing that you nearly want to buy the book before reading the back cover blurb.

Dick Francis goes for really short and punchy titles, while other authors have had success with really long titles.

Often, the title can come from some pertinent part of the book. It can give a hint about what kind of book it is - e.g. a romance or a thriller. If it is done right it will draw the reader in; if not, they will walk on by and leave your book on the shelf.

So how do you choose your titles? And what is your favorite author's best title?

Let me know in the comments box.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Love Gardening - Bad Back?

Hi Dudes,

What happens when you love gardening but can't dig because you have a really bad back?

You learn to garden the no-dig way!

Find out how to create a gorgeous garden without having to use a spade with this great new ebook Garden without Digging

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Choosing a Book Title

Hi Dudes,

Ever notice how there are book titles that intrigue and book titles that bore? How do you choose your book title? Some authors take the title of their book from a sentence in the book. This can be really effective especially if you choose something that is unusual. In fact, with a little bit of thought you can actually get an intriguing title. However, it must be appropriate.

One mystery writer choose The Monkeys Raincoat as a title and this is certainly the kind of title that would catch the attention of anyone looking for a good book.

So should your title be short or long? Both can be used to good effect.

Dick Francis must be the master of short titles, but some longer titles are quite amusing especially for children's books. There's a Hippopotamus on My Roof Eating Cake is just one example.

So how do you choose your titles?

And what's your fav title, dudes?

Write it in the comments box.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013


Start the New Year off on the right foot by reading some exciting tales of distant planets.


Prince Jed of the small planet Jeddon flees from his Uncle Vexson’s coup and assassination attempts. Betrayed at every turn, Jed vows revenge over his mentor’s fresh grave. He must fight back and snatch the Badge of Ruling from his uncle.  
Yet the only way he and his friend can survive is to flee from their home planet on an illegal star-ship hidden in a secret valley. But first he must rescue his sister. Will the star-ship still be there when he returns?

Health Problems for Writers

Hi Dudes,

Writers are prone to certain health problems that may not be experienced by the majority of people. They spend long hours at the computer and usually during the daytime, so they do not get out in the sun much. This can easily lead to a Vitamin D deficiency that can cause ugly symptoms such as joint aches, bladder problems and depression.

In addition, they can suffer from RSI in the fingers and wrists and problems of poor posture, if they don't see to it that they are sitting properly. Some of these problems can be alleviated by getting ergonomic chairs and keyboards, but the chairs are only good if you take the trouble to put them at the right height to the desk. I find a cushion with a cut-out at the back is great to help prevent tailbone soreness.

Eyestrain is another likely irritation for writers. Anyone who spends long hours staring at screen or blank page will eventually suffer eyestrain and possibly need glasses. It is wise to spend five minutes in every hour to look out the window at something in the distance just to keep those eye muscles from atrophy. 

So writers beware! Create balance in your life and get your Vit. D levels checked to maintain your health. It is more pleasant to stay healthy than to try and get your health back after too long without doing the right things.

till later dudes