Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My New Color Scheme

Hey Everyone,

I had a couple of comments that it was hard to read the white text on black background, so I changed it to red.

Who likes it like this? acomment to let me know.

I kinda like it myself.

Thanks for kicking my butt to change it!



PS: Just seeing how the new cover of Jed's Escape looks on a red background.

PPS: If you didn't get it yet, it's a good read for only 99 cents. You couldn't buy a new print book for that.
  • Click on the link to buy it.
  • Download Kindle for ebooks from Amazon for free to read it.
  • Love free stuff.
  • Get it for your kids computer. 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Grow Great Palms

Many people love to have palm trees in the garden. Their graceful swaying branches are reminiscent of exotic beach locations, holidays, sun and surf. They also provide the ideal dappled shade for other shrubs such as camellias that don't like too much sun.

Now is a great time to find out how to grow great palms. This ebook tells you everything you need to know about growing palm trees.

Go Here to check it out.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Get More Traffic

Hey Dudes,

If you have a website of any kind, but especially if it is one from which you hope to sell something, then traffic is essential. In fact, without traffic you may as well pack up and go home. There are many ways to get free traffic; some are good and some not so good, depending on the type of website you have and what your product is.

One way to get traffic that I have found to be quick, easy to do and even gives you valuable feedback on your website is a traffic exchange called Traffic Dial.

  • It's free
  • It's easy
  • It's quick
  • You get feedback from other users
  • You get more traffic
  • More traffic = more sales
  • What's not to like?
Catch ya later dudes - might even be me feedbacking your website!